Court Love, See Love, Choose Love Now

  While love and fear cannot coexist (the presence of one will suppress the experience of the other), in the illusory continuum of time and space they seem to coexist.  Thus we vacillate from moment to moment, from fear to love and back to fear again, with fierce speed and regularity.  What we focus our … Continue reading

Love Letter to my Beloved-in-Waiting

Dear One, I am deeply grateful that we finally found our way to each other. How can I thank you for waiting for me to become ready to truly be in spiritual relationship with you? I know that “together” will be the best time in our lives BECAUSE we came prepared for each other and … Continue reading

Emotional Healing Work

Emotional healing work is crucial to the full manifestation of each soul’s purpose in life. Through healing our wounds we become able to hold the fullest reflection of God IN our lives—living lives of peace, love, joy, safety and abundance. Historically, for good and for ill, spirituality and healing have been intertwined in our consciousness. … Continue reading