Love IS The Answer

Love IS The Answer. Divine Love is “it.” This is good news because Love has been placed inside of us where we can never really lose it—Love is literally who we are. The ego attempts to distract and derail us with “special love,” often romantic love, the “love” that needs, yearns and attempts to control. … Continue reading

Healing Loss: Choose Love Now Book Review

Healing Loss: Choose Love Now Book Review by Shelagh Cosgrove from Miracles magazine May-June 2012 Healing Loss is a beautiful book, both in its physical form, and in its rich and very inspiring content. Anyone could benefit from working with it who is healing from perceived loss, however large or small, however recent or deeply … Continue reading

Ears to Hear Part II: Letting Go of Words

My first impulse was to not write about this topic at all, to avoid “controversy.” I recognize that there are many paths back home to God, and A Course in Miracles is just one of them. The curriculum—the content of the teachings—”removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” is required of humanity, one … Continue reading