I Forgive Lance Armstrong

I feel sad to see a hero fall.  I feel pain and compassion rise above my first reaction of anger when I witness a public figure getting caught in their own deception, and the spectacle of semantic wriggling that usually follows.  What surfaces is a web of lies that must have been incredibly painful to … Continue reading

Progress: Doing More with Less

I have noticed that when I am living “in the flow,” I find inspiration everywhere.  I’ve been inspired these first few days of the new year to adjust the frequency of my healing space, and whenever I pull that thread there’s no telling where it will lead or when it will be completely knitted together … Continue reading

The New Year: Time to Master the Practice of Forgiveness

Another year older, another year deeper in debt to the unhealed past. That’s an outcome to avoid!  In these fresh minutes of the new year I’m bringing back my first article from 2012 because time cannot effect the healing we each seek in so many different ways.  Time is not only passive, it is illusory.  … Continue reading