Sizzling Price Cut on Healing Loss: Choose Love Now eBook $5 July 1-31, 2017

Healing Loss: Choose Love Now is part of Smashwords’ annual eBook celebration sale throughout July. Five bucks! Available now at the usual Smashwords link for common formats including Kindle (mobi), Apple/iPad (epub) and pdf.

Choose “Buy with coupon” or enter code REW50 (not case-sensitive) at check out.

It felt pretty cool to download my own book onto my Android phone. I love how readable the eBook is, how easy it is to navigate from the main text to the footnotes and back, and how beautiful the artwork looks. Detailed instructions for your particular device are in the FAQ section at Smashwords. If you have Kindle via Amazon, follow their instructions for transferring your own files (which is how I did it).

Healing Loss Review

http://healingloss.bizWith Peace, Love and Joy,
Mira Carroll Purchase paperback Healing Loss eBook


Healing Loss: Choose Love Now by Miradrienne Carroll
outlines spiritual principles and practices
for anyone who wants to heal, at any time,
from the context of healing grief and loss.

Copyright © 2017

Please feel free to hit the Share button,
or share in entirety with attribution. . . .


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